At Private Proxy Raja, we are passionate about an environment that focuses on you, our members. In fact, customer satisfaction comes above everything else in our entire business operation. We strive to deliver an excellent level of service for each product that we offer. And we’re immensely proud of the reputation we have built for doing so. The Private Proxy raja guarantee is a mark of excellence. Each and every product or service stamped with our guarantee will be delivered to the high standard at which we conduct our business. The Private Proxy raja guarantee means you can buy and use our products and services in confidence. However, if you experience technical difficulties, please contact the tech team for quick resolution via live chat or email. The Private Proxy raja email support is available 24×7 ( NEW ORDERS REFUND POLICY. All payments to Private Proxy Raja, are nonrefundable. This includes the new order and subsequent recurring monthly charges regardless of usage. All billing disputes must be reported within 30 days of the time the dispute occurred. If you dispute a charge to your credit card issuer that, in Private Proxy raja’ sole discretion is a valid charge under the provisions of the TOS and /or AUP, you agree to pay Private Proxy raja an “Administrative Fee” of not less than $50 and not more than $150. RENEWALS REFUND POLICY. Renewal orders are not covered with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. You agree that you must either cancel a service from the members area at anytime, or request cancelation in writing before 48 hours of your payment renewal date for your service. If your request for a cancelation is within 2 days of your payment renewal date and/or payment is made, no refund requests will be authorized. No refunds will be authorized after the payment renewal date. Private Proxy Raja offers a totally transparent process when it comes to refund policy. Private Proxy Raja is committed and bound to process refunds within 24 hours of a valid refund request. Payments may take up to 30 days to appear in your account depending on your bank, card or payment provider. This Refund Policy is subject to Private ProxyRaja Terms of Service.

ProxyRaja is an established proxy service provider who has over 3 years in the business. We have provided thousands of proxies to our customers who stay with us for our fast, private, and wide location selection. We want to earn your business